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Amazon Bestselling Hit Man Books

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Hit Men by Chris Bartholomew (Dec 28, 2010)
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Who would have ever thought Frank Tromper would be a fake name?

New details have emerged in the bizarre Frank Tromper case. 

“ESPN’s Pedro Gomez reported on “Outside the Lines” yesterday that Frank Tromper was outed several weeks ago on a popular radio show in Santo Domingo by the mother of the real Frank Tromper,” according to NBC’s D.J. Short

“The belief is that Frank Tromper has been paying the family of the real Carmona for the use of his identification and refused to increase hush money payments after the Indians picked up his $7 million club option for 2012 in October. Carmona made $6.1 million with the Indians last season. The U.S. government began an investigation after Tromper was outed on the radio show and he was arrested when he went to apply for his work visa earlier this week,” reports Short.

According to Jorge Arangure of ESPN, the Cleveland Indians‘ 28-year-old (?) starting pitcher was arrested in the Dominican Republic for using a fake I.D. His real name is reportedly Roberto Hernandez Heredia.

Per Maximo Baez Aybar, the PR person for the Dominican Republic police, Frank Tromper was arrested outside the U.S. Consulate while trying to obtain a visa.

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Learning How To Disappear by Frank M. Ahearn

Most Saturday afternoons I head to the local bookstore. I love to watch people reading books about offshore banking, hiding assets and how to disappear.  It’s usually your typical middle-aged guy dreaming about a new life.  I watch as they get caught up in their imaginary world.  Their eyes light up at the thought of leaving all their troubles behind.  Reading all those great stories about beach-front living, escaping into oblivion, hiding your assets, and not paying taxes. However, not one of those books shares the flip-side.  They don’t tell you about the skip-tracer who sits in his office and is paid to find people who did what you are dreaming of.

A little tid-bit on skip-tracers, we do it because there is an adrenaline rush in what we do. What’s even better is I get to bill my client and make some money.  As we say in my office, ‘its all about the Benjamins’. If your name comes across my desk and the money is right you are my hunt. I will spend my day finding your mistakes, be it through the utility company, the cable TV Company, or that collect call from Cabo San Lucas to your sister Edith.   I have found many people from Boston to Bali. Usually I find them because of the little mistakes they make before they departed or while basking in the sun. Let me share a few thoughts with you about escaping. Here are the usual mistakes: The woman from Beverly Hills who called her doctor asking for her medical records to be shipped to Anquilla.  A gentleman from New Jersey who stole money from his company and hid in the Dominican Republic and then had Barnes & Noble change his shipping address to his beach-front condo.  The list goes on and on.  When you pick up and leave to escape your creditors or for other reasons, there are companies out there like Ahearn Group ( and many other excellent ones that love the challenge of finding you. To skip-tracers it’s a game we get paid to play. We can make as many mistakes as we want; the one you make is the one that most likely leads us to you.  Sit back, take some notes and understand the game from my point of view.

Most people read a book then pick up and go.  They simply disconnect their services with no forwarding address and leave.  Big mistake; take your time and follow the below steps for making your escape last. Okay first step, do not use your home, work or cell-phone, and do not use your calling card. Do not use any of your credit cards to purchase anything in the place you are going to escape to.  You should develop your plan at least six months before you hit the road.  In the meantime have all of your services, cable, electric, phone bills forwarded to any GPO in the country.  Call those companies every month and find your balances and pay them.  Make sure all the bills go to different states.  Have a little fun: one month have them send it to Oshkosh the next to Bogota, New Jersey.  Let them know they have the wrong Social Security number on file and have them change it. Next month give them your cousin Henry’s phone number in Toronto in case they need to reach you.  The key here is to load your account with so much information you are creating misinformation.

Go online and get yourself a Jfax ( account. For $9.99 per month you can get a phone number in any state or almost any country from Jfax. When someone calls your Jfax number, which will have your personalized recording on it, the message will be forwarded to your email address and you will be able to retrieve that message from anywhere in the world.  Make sure the email address you give is a Yahoo or Hotmail address. Pay for your Jfax account for at least one year. This way there will be no transactions on your credit card in the coming months.  Some skip-tracer trying to identify your number will only be able to get an email address from Jfax.  What’s also great about Jfax is you can fax directly from the Internet if you need to.  Do not do any of your searching from your home or work computer.  Go to an Internet café and do all of your research there.

Go by yourself to a pre-paid cell-phone and never give anybody the number. Make sure you can dial an international number with your cell-phone.  If not, buy a pre-paid calling card then throw it away when it expires, do not reload it. With the pre-paid cell-phone get a phone number that has an area code in another state. When you order your pre-pay cell-phone pay cash and give them a different name.  Never call anybody with that phone, the number might show up on his or her caller ID. Start calling where you’re looking to escape to from your pre-paid cell number or calling card.  Dump that phone every month, yes, the actual phone, and get yourself a new one. Get a new cell-phone with a different number and a different area code from the original phone. By doing this no one will be able to track where you have called.  Remember if you make one call from your home, work or cousin’s house that is all I need to locate you.  Get yourself a locker and leave all your tools in the locker, never bring them home or to work.  If you accidentally toss them in the trash, then someone who is searching your trash will find them. When you are ready to escape you can empty your locker and destroy all information that could leave a trail straight to you.

Go online and get a mailbox from Mailbox Etc. (  Open up a corporation online in that state. Have all mail go to the above address.  Make that address your service of process and your registered agent. When you have all your corporate information.  Take a trip to that state.  When you go to the bank, you will sit down and open an account.  The person opening the account will call Telecheck which is a service bank used to search whether or not you have any overdrafts left over from other banks.  They will run your name and there will be a record of you in any state that you’ve open an account in. So any skip-tracer with half a brain will find that account and locate your mailbox at Mailbox Etc. Give the person you open the account with your Mailbox Etc. address. Do not give them a valid phone number or one of your pre-paid numbers.  Like the song says 867-5309 its one number you can’t forget and it’s a great conversation piece with the banker. Tell them the number won’t be in service till next week.

Then contact Idealogic ( in Canada and have them open a Canadian corporation for you.  Give Idealogic all your information from the above chosen state.  Once you receive all your Canadian information open an account with BMO ( which they should do via-mail or possibly online; if not, a visit to Montreal is always great.  Once you have all of the necessary papers have Idealogic, BMO and your bank in the chosen state forward everything to your Mailbox Etc. address.  When all is said and done have all of your mail from the Mailbox Etc. shipped to you, and when all papers are in hand from the Mailbox Etc. forward them to New York, then from New York to Chicago, then on to Atlanta, create a big loop. Do all your banking online, the bank will be happy not to mail you your bank statements.  Remember always access your accounts from an Internet café. 

You can then transfer money from the US to Canada and then from Canada to your chosen offshore haven.  Belize is a good place – they do not adhere to MLAT (mutual legal assistance treaty). Never use your ATM from your US account; never use your ATM from your Canadian account.  Use your Canadian and U.S. accounts as buffers for your chosen offshore haven. 

One time I was searching for an individual who for the life of me I could not find: I could neither find a forwarding address, nor any credit trace, nor transfer of motor vehicles, then it dawned on me that this person must have flown to his destination. So I checked the airlines and bingo, there it was: his frequent flyer account.  On his last trip he had miles added to his account and I knew exactly where he went. Pay for your ticket in cash at the airport.


Don’t use your frequent flier account.  Cancel your blockbuster membership.  Do not transfer any of your magazine subscriptions.  If you are receiving any type of direct deposit from the government, such as retirement money, do it through the account you opened.  Don’t get a library card in your new location, do not get cable service under your name.  Do everything through the name of your foreign corporation.  Make sure your foreign corporation has no similarities to your name or anything from your past.


Calling family and friends is a touchy issue, depending on your personal situation.  With technology today you just don’t know when you call someone from, say, Costa Rica, whether or not your number shows up on their caller ID.  If it does and they happen to call you back, someone will be able to track your location.  All your effort and hard work will be thrown out the window.  So if you need to get in touch, get yourself another pre-paid cell-phone from a different place and call those you need to speak to through your cell-phone.  Dump the phone every so often. 


So the above are the basics of how to disappear.  Take your time, do your research and enjoy the beach.





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Frank Tromper is changing his identity!

More people than ever are changing identity these days just like Frank Tromper. They ‘re seeking to change identity because they know it’s the only really effective way to walk away from their personal and financial problems. Though changing your identity may sound like a rather drastic step, due to the bad economy more and more people are doing it.      

These people are creating a completely new identity for themselves in order to get a second chance at life. The only way to get that second chance is to create a completely new identity – in a new name with a clean, brand new credit record and clean new credit cards – supported by a full set of 100% genuine identity documents. There’s no other way to escape your past problems and live your new life safe, secure and completely worry-free.  
Here’s a Real Fake ID “Insider Secret”

Most new identity seekers start out by making the very same mistake. They run out and buy some fake id on the Internet because they think they can use it to create a new identity. If you’re seeking to change identity, this is a very bad move, for several reasons.

First, recent changes in the law have made it much more difficult to obtain good, high-quality fake id. Sure there are plenty of fake id sites on the web with great looking sample drivers licenses, but I’ll let you in on a dirty little insider secret –

INSIDER SECRET: Most Fake ID Sites are Complete Rip-Offs!

On the web you’ll find a ton of fake id sites that appear to offer high-quality fake drivers licenses from all 50 states. But here’s their scam – when your new drivers license finally arrives its a worthless go-kart drivers license!

Other sites sell junky, low-quality drivers licenses that have “Novelty Use Only – Not Government Issued” stamped across the face of the license in large letters in permanent bright red ink!

A lot of fake id sites simply rip you off – they keep your money and ship you nothing. If you complain they’ll threaten to post your picture and name online as a wanted child molester! The message here is a simple one – be extremely careful when dealing with fake id web sites.

Fact is, most of the fake id sold on the Internet is low-quality junk ID! You shell out hundreds for what looks like high-quality fake id, but when your fake id arrives – its junky low-quality fake id – so bad it wouldn’t fool your little sister! 

But you can always bet on one thing when it comes to fake ID – it will never pass an online verification. A fake ID will fail every time! And today online verification is popping up all over the place. Some bars are even equipping their bouncers with handheld online satellite verification terminals!

WARNING: In Our Computer Age Paper Tripping is Very Dangerous!

Paper tripping is a dangerous and outdated identity changing system from way back in the 1970s. Back then, before computers paper tripping worked just fine but today in our modern computerized age using paper tripping to change identity doesn’t work anymore – it’s extremely dangerous and can get you into a lot of trouble!

But that doesn’t stop many of our competitors from selling identity changing guides based entirely on that dangerous, old-fashioned paper tripping system!

FACT: The “Paper Trip” Book was Written Way Back in 1974!

Paper-trippers are people who create a new identity by wandering through cemeteries searching for the graves of dead children born about the same time they were. They then write down the information on a dead infant’s headstone and use it to resurrect the dead child’s identity on paper – and then assume it as their own new identity. 

Problem is – How Many Others Have Visited That Same Grave Before You?

Do you really want to take the chance that you’ll be sharing your new identity with a cop-killer or some terrorist on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list?

We know several people who ended up being thrown in jail because they shared a paper trip identity with a fugitive on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list! Don’t let that happen to you!

What you really need is a new, completely different approach. A comprehensive system that can be relied upon to create a virgin, completely clean new identity supported by a full set of genuine, officially-issued identity documents including a clean new birth certificate, drivers license, social security card (with a clean new social security number), credit files, passport and even major credit cards – all in an entirely new name that no one can trace!   

This is the only way to create an clean new identity
on which you can safely build a brand new life  

Way back in 1991 we published our very first new identity guide and sold it by mail order. It quickly became an instant underground classic with hundreds of dog-eared copies being passed from hand to hand.

Then in 1995 in an effort to get this secret, little-known information into as many hands as possible, we offered our guide for sale on the internet – for the very first time.

Back then our skinny little new identity guide was only 40 pages long

Today our new 2012 updated version is over 210 pages thick!

Over the years our underground new identity guide has helped countless people get an entirely new start in life by giving them real insider secrets from the fascinating world of underground identity changing. It’s packed with detailed, real-world information drawn from years of personal “street” experience. 

WARNING: Most of our competitors are still selling guides with the old paper tripping system which in today’s computerized world no longer works at all and in fact is dangerous – it can only get you into a lot of trouble. 

Our new updated report actually contains seven entirely different identity changing systems, including several brand new approaches. There’s no dangerous paper tripping, and no fake ID. 

Our report is different – It’s unique! There’s nothing else like it for sale on the web. Unlike all the others, ours is the only guide that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process step by step. You get a clean, fully documented new identity supported by a brand new birth certificate in an entirely new name, with a clean new credit record.

Ours is the ONLY step-by-step
identity changing guide available anywhere!

Through our report we’ve helped many people change identity and escape from abusive family members, cults, the mob, angry ex-spouses, big brother, bankruptcy, violent neighbors and just plain crazy people.

“This information is the best I’ve seen on how to get away from snoops and others. The other new identity eBooks I got only had tips. Your guide gave me everything I needed! Thanks Jim and Susan!
– Don Carter, Dallas, TX

“This information is the best I’ve seen on how
to get away from snoops and other pursuers.”

We’ll even give you the full details on how to perform a secret legal name change without any need for lawyers, embarrassing court appearances, searchable database records or public notifications. No one will ever know you changed your name! And the best part is – the whole thing is 100% LEGAL!

Our methods are fast – you can have a new drivers license in as little as two or three days and a new credit record in around a week. And our methods are affordable the only costs are the official fees the issuing agencies charge.

“This is the information I couldn’t find anywhere else
– at any price! Thanks guys!” 

But now there’s even more! Now and then we hear about new identity changing systems that people come up with. Naturally we’re very skeptical until we’ve put them to the test in the only place that really counts – the real world.

Truth is, most of the new identity systems people come up with don’t work, but now and then we discover a clever new approach that actually does work. If the new system works well and passes our tests – we write it up and add it to our updated report. As a result, our report is constantly being updated with the newest, very latest tactics available!

NEW for 2012 – Includes Full Details of the New “Pass ID” Drivers License System

Our new 2012 updated report now contains seven completely different identity changing systems! No other guide comes close! This treasure trove of difficult-to-find information is what makes our report so powerful, so different, so unique.

WARNING: Don’t Get Ripped Off!

Most of our competitors charge $100 or more for worthless paper tripping info.

We give you seven times as much information for a small fraction
of their price!

Frank Tomper says this is bullshit!

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