Frank Tromper is changing his identity!

More people than ever are changing identity these days just like Frank Tromper. They ‘re seeking to change identity because they know it’s the only really effective way to walk away from their personal and financial problems. Though changing your identity may sound like a rather drastic step, due to the bad economy more and more people are doing it.      

These people are creating a completely new identity for themselves in order to get a second chance at life. The only way to get that second chance is to create a completely new identity – in a new name with a clean, brand new credit record and clean new credit cards – supported by a full set of 100% genuine identity documents. There’s no other way to escape your past problems and live your new life safe, secure and completely worry-free.  
Here’s a Real Fake ID “Insider Secret”

Most new identity seekers start out by making the very same mistake. They run out and buy some fake id on the Internet because they think they can use it to create a new identity. If you’re seeking to change identity, this is a very bad move, for several reasons.

First, recent changes in the law have made it much more difficult to obtain good, high-quality fake id. Sure there are plenty of fake id sites on the web with great looking sample drivers licenses, but I’ll let you in on a dirty little insider secret –

INSIDER SECRET: Most Fake ID Sites are Complete Rip-Offs!

On the web you’ll find a ton of fake id sites that appear to offer high-quality fake drivers licenses from all 50 states. But here’s their scam – when your new drivers license finally arrives its a worthless go-kart drivers license!

Other sites sell junky, low-quality drivers licenses that have “Novelty Use Only – Not Government Issued” stamped across the face of the license in large letters in permanent bright red ink!

A lot of fake id sites simply rip you off – they keep your money and ship you nothing. If you complain they’ll threaten to post your picture and name online as a wanted child molester! The message here is a simple one – be extremely careful when dealing with fake id web sites.

Fact is, most of the fake id sold on the Internet is low-quality junk ID! You shell out hundreds for what looks like high-quality fake id, but when your fake id arrives – its junky low-quality fake id – so bad it wouldn’t fool your little sister! 

But you can always bet on one thing when it comes to fake ID – it will never pass an online verification. A fake ID will fail every time! And today online verification is popping up all over the place. Some bars are even equipping their bouncers with handheld online satellite verification terminals!

WARNING: In Our Computer Age Paper Tripping is Very Dangerous!

Paper tripping is a dangerous and outdated identity changing system from way back in the 1970s. Back then, before computers paper tripping worked just fine but today in our modern computerized age using paper tripping to change identity doesn’t work anymore – it’s extremely dangerous and can get you into a lot of trouble!

But that doesn’t stop many of our competitors from selling identity changing guides based entirely on that dangerous, old-fashioned paper tripping system!

FACT: The “Paper Trip” Book was Written Way Back in 1974!

Paper-trippers are people who create a new identity by wandering through cemeteries searching for the graves of dead children born about the same time they were. They then write down the information on a dead infant’s headstone and use it to resurrect the dead child’s identity on paper – and then assume it as their own new identity. 

Problem is – How Many Others Have Visited That Same Grave Before You?

Do you really want to take the chance that you’ll be sharing your new identity with a cop-killer or some terrorist on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list?

We know several people who ended up being thrown in jail because they shared a paper trip identity with a fugitive on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list! Don’t let that happen to you!

What you really need is a new, completely different approach. A comprehensive system that can be relied upon to create a virgin, completely clean new identity supported by a full set of genuine, officially-issued identity documents including a clean new birth certificate, drivers license, social security card (with a clean new social security number), credit files, passport and even major credit cards – all in an entirely new name that no one can trace!   

This is the only way to create an clean new identity
on which you can safely build a brand new life  

Way back in 1991 we published our very first new identity guide and sold it by mail order. It quickly became an instant underground classic with hundreds of dog-eared copies being passed from hand to hand.

Then in 1995 in an effort to get this secret, little-known information into as many hands as possible, we offered our guide for sale on the internet – for the very first time.

Back then our skinny little new identity guide was only 40 pages long

Today our new 2012 updated version is over 210 pages thick!

Over the years our underground new identity guide has helped countless people get an entirely new start in life by giving them real insider secrets from the fascinating world of underground identity changing. It’s packed with detailed, real-world information drawn from years of personal “street” experience. 

WARNING: Most of our competitors are still selling guides with the old paper tripping system which in today’s computerized world no longer works at all and in fact is dangerous – it can only get you into a lot of trouble. 

Our new updated report actually contains seven entirely different identity changing systems, including several brand new approaches. There’s no dangerous paper tripping, and no fake ID. 

Our report is different – It’s unique! There’s nothing else like it for sale on the web. Unlike all the others, ours is the only guide that takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process step by step. You get a clean, fully documented new identity supported by a brand new birth certificate in an entirely new name, with a clean new credit record.

Ours is the ONLY step-by-step
identity changing guide available anywhere!

Through our report we’ve helped many people change identity and escape from abusive family members, cults, the mob, angry ex-spouses, big brother, bankruptcy, violent neighbors and just plain crazy people.

“This information is the best I’ve seen on how to get away from snoops and others. The other new identity eBooks I got only had tips. Your guide gave me everything I needed! Thanks Jim and Susan!
– Don Carter, Dallas, TX

“This information is the best I’ve seen on how
to get away from snoops and other pursuers.”

We’ll even give you the full details on how to perform a secret legal name change without any need for lawyers, embarrassing court appearances, searchable database records or public notifications. No one will ever know you changed your name! And the best part is – the whole thing is 100% LEGAL!

Our methods are fast – you can have a new drivers license in as little as two or three days and a new credit record in around a week. And our methods are affordable the only costs are the official fees the issuing agencies charge.

“This is the information I couldn’t find anywhere else
– at any price! Thanks guys!” 

But now there’s even more! Now and then we hear about new identity changing systems that people come up with. Naturally we’re very skeptical until we’ve put them to the test in the only place that really counts – the real world.

Truth is, most of the new identity systems people come up with don’t work, but now and then we discover a clever new approach that actually does work. If the new system works well and passes our tests – we write it up and add it to our updated report. As a result, our report is constantly being updated with the newest, very latest tactics available!

NEW for 2012 – Includes Full Details of the New “Pass ID” Drivers License System

Our new 2012 updated report now contains seven completely different identity changing systems! No other guide comes close! This treasure trove of difficult-to-find information is what makes our report so powerful, so different, so unique.

WARNING: Don’t Get Ripped Off!

Most of our competitors charge $100 or more for worthless paper tripping info.

We give you seven times as much information for a small fraction
of their price!

Frank Tomper says this is bullshit!


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