New Identity Secrets Revealed by Frank Tomper

How did  Frank Tomper obtain a New Identity fast, safe and easy!
Are bill collectors driving you crazy? Alimony payments stealing your whole paycheck? Are people looking for you? Is your credit rating laughable? You need a new identity – a new past and a brighter future! A new identity allows you to get a new past, a new name, driver’s license and ID, social security number, address and phone number (anywhere in the world), a college degree and ID and documentation to back it all up! Have anyone believe that you’re in the heart of Paris, when you’re right around the corner. Obtain a CLEAN SLATE of credit, break with your past and relax anywhere in the world. The rest is up to you.

Frank Tomper

Frank Tomper


Most books on the subject of new identity are full of completely outdated methods that haven’t worked since the early 1980’s. Most new identity authors unlike Frank Tromper commonly have no idea how to obtain certain documents and mostly print information that they know is wrong, simply to have a book on new identity to sell! Unfortunately, most publishers of alternate and new identity “how to” information have never tested – or succeeded with – the theories they sell you. Buy their information and you could spend months on trial and error, and with no results. So the question is:

Why be their guinea pig when you can be privy to the mistakes – and the most successful strategies – of creating a bulletproof new identity?

In our search through the web we’ve seen countless firms offering poor quality ID’s, that look nothing like the real thing. These cards frequently say “NOT A GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT” in large print across them and come in laminate 1/4″ thick! We do not sell state ID’s, if we did they would (BY LAW) have to look as fake as the above mentioned ID’s.

Also, fake ids are never entered into any system. Wouldn’t you think it was funny if someone’s life seem to come out of thin air? Even if there were a source for fake ids that were 100% identical to the real thing, they could never even pass a simple traffic stop.

We offer a service to guide you through to meet your goals, we can help you with:

•Getting real government issued ID under another identity,
•A new social security number (verifiable with the SSA),
•Checking and saving accounts for your new ID,
•Credit cards,
•Construction and obtaining identification documents,
•Your own private Nevada Corporation
•Private and offshore banking and much more!
Our staff is always researching and on top of any new developments, methods, laws and loopholes relating to identity change. When there’s a problem with something listed in a book – there’s no one to turn to. That’s why we include free unlimited consultation with our professionals.

Our contacts include ex private investigators, government workers and experienced seasoned experts on all areas of identity change. Furthermore, we have databases with new and current information on various state and local laws and practices. We have been the leading online authority on successful new identity strategies for six straight years.

Click Here to View Our Testimonials.

You will learn:
•How you can start a brand new life with just one letter.
•The widely accepted secondary form of ID that can be obtained simply by using a typewriter and a photocopier.
•How to create a verifiable college background completely from scratch.
•The fastest and safest way anyone can obtain a new social security number and new credit file
•How credit and credit cards can be obtained with a new identity in as little as two weeks
•The number one reason that 95% of would be identity changers fail, and how to completely avoid it. And much more!!!

In addition to our new identity services program you will also receive The Secret Guide to ID suppliers which lists (high quality and affordable) Sources for college and military Ids, Baptismal Certificates, Employee Id cards, diplomas and certificates, birth certificates and any other type of ID you could ever want to back up your new identity.

With more and more terrorist threats to citizens of western countries, Big Brother growing larger and larger, and less and less personal privacy everyday, this one of a kind service is needed by any individual looking for true freedom, safety and privacy.

We offer complete instructions, guidelines, unlimited consultation, and we are always keeping up to date of any new changes in the law and new loopholes. You do not simply receive a manual on new identity, you will be involved in an ongoing program, with unlimited consultation from professionals.

The average client takes only a few weeks to complete the program, with a new birth certificate, driver’s license, ancillary identification, social security, banking privileges, credit cards, mail drops, and much more. Privacy Expert Frank Tromper.


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