Frank Tromper’s Revolutionary New ID Method

Frank Tromper

Frank Tromper

In any democratic capitalistic country like America there are laws that give every person the God given right to assume a new identity of their own choosing any time they want. On top of that, you may change your identity, or create a new identity as many times as you like during your lifetime. The best part is that no “Public Records” are created for anyone to follow. Don’t mistake this for a “Change of Legal Name,” which requires that a person go to court. If you want to find out exactly how to take advantage of this little known fact, then you need to get this book. If you don’t already know exactly what to do the only place that you can find this information out for sure is here. You won’t be able to call up a courthouse and have them know what you are talking about. You have to know exactly what to do before you even attempt it. You can learn exactly what to do right now. TODAY. Not only do you have a God given right to do this but you can also do it all in less than one day. Once you have your new identity, you can disappear and never be seen again. As long as you don’t tell anybody where you are, no one will ever be able to find you. You have your future in your own hands, right this very second. Once you know what to do, you’ll never forget it. Also, you dont’ have to leave the town you live in to disappear. You could just relocate to another area in the same city wher you live in now if the city you live in now isn’t a small town where everyone knows you.

Revolutionary new method is inexpensive, legal and valid for life. Whenever a person uses this method their personal background never gets checked, or found out. No personal questions are ever asked. Even if a person had warrants for their arrest, they would be completely safe. Then, once you have your new identity, you can kiss your old life goodbye if you should so desire. You can live under this new identity for life, or you could even keep changing identities for the rest of your life. It’s your choice just like Frank Tromper.

Find out how to become anonymous immediately and legally.

Find out how to get your own place to live forever for a small one time payment, and stay completely anonymous in that place for eternity.

Learn 2 ways to fly anonymously like Frank Tromper.

Learn how to work & make money anonymously like Frank Tromper. Using this method you will be able to make money in any profession.

Learn 5 ways Frank Tromper cashes checks anonymously.

Learn 2 ways to rent a place to live anonymously like Frank Tromper.

Learn how Frank Tromper buys a home anonymously.

Learn 3 ways to buy a car anonymously with the secret methods of Frank Tromper. This makes sure no one will know who you are, even police when they run your tags.

Learn how to get car insurance anonymously just like Frank Tromper.

Learn how Frank Tromper ents a hotel room anonymously without showing any ID at all.

Learn 4 ways to open a bank account anonymously.

Learn ways to open a bank account without giving a social security number at all.

Learn how to get a new social security number.

Learn how to create a new identity.

Learn how to get a driver’s license under your new identity.

Learn how to get all types of identification.

Learn how to get credit under your new identity.

Learn 4 ways to have your utilities turned on anonymously. Water, gas, electricity, phone, cable, etc.

Learn how to disappear off the face of the earth.

Learn how to stay in contact with your family without being traced.

You will be able to accomplish all of the important things in less than one day and gain anonymity in less than 24 hours.

Learn how to get a driver license without giving a social security number.

Learn how to get a driver’s license that lasts till your 65 years old.

Learn how to bank secretly.

Learn how to make money and assets invisible.

Learn how to stop wage garnishments.

Learn how to see doctors anonymoulsy.

Most of the information tells you how to do everything 100% legally. You don’t have to use false identity scams, but they are all detailed in this book as well.

Learn how to get birth certificates.

Learn how to disappear completely so that the best in the world won’t be able to find you. Start a complete new life.

Learn how to live beneath the radar for two seconds or two millenium.


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